Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Flight Cancelled...???! Wha????


Yep, our pilgrimage flight out of Omaha to Newark was cancelled and we only found out at 2:00...due to fly out at 4:25 so a couple of hours were spent on the phone with the travel agency/touring and Continental Airlines.

BUT, as Our Lady would have it, and not "luck"...we managed to gain an extension so Kris and I will be staying in Rome another 2 days! Can't complain about that!

So we fly out of here tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. to Houston, then to Newark then to Rome. As we also found out, Scott and Kimberly and Mike were stranded in Pittsburgh and they might not get into Newark tonight either. Wouldn't that be the bees knees if we got to all fly on the same flight to ROME??? : )

Thanks for your prayers now for a pilgrimage to commence tomorrow w/out too much difficulty. As my dear husband said today, "Well, Susie, you know pilgrimages aren't supposed to be comfortable." And he's right. I was flying so high already all day on adrenaline and then to plummet to the depths was hard, but, I kept praying and hearing a soft voice say, "All is well" "Don't fear, it will be alright" and I prayed many Hail Mary's on the way to the airport to meet Kris. We were so happy to get the extension for some time for just the two of us to travel about the city on our own... it'll be a blast! Our own Andy Roza, deacon now, who will soon be ordained in Omaha in June to the priesthood, has been in Rome at the North American College and we'll be seeing him and hanging out with some seminarians, which should be delightful! I love our priests and priests-to-be! Pray for them and for all those discerning God's call and direction for the priesthood and or religious life. They need our love and encouragement so much!

Folks, the stories are just now beginning. I'm sure there'll be many, many more. I kept saying to Kris, "We're going to be ADVENTURES IN ODDITIES (playing on the Evangelical favorite kids radio program, Adventures In Odessy. It seems I was somewhat prophetic, but she wants me to stop being prophetic now. : )

God bless you all. We'll be praying for you and please listen next Monday on line to KVSS Spirit Morning Show where we'll be live on the air from Rome. Or keep checking KVSS website to get details for as we know they can all change at the drop of a hat or a gelato.

We shall Behold Our Mother a little later there than we'd planned but it's fine...God has a plan for us that now involves going to Houston first and a whole new flight. All is well. All is indeed ...well, with my soul and with this pilgrimage.

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