Saturday, April 07, 2007

EASTER VIGIL.... Blessed ones...come...

Welcome to all new "baby Catholics" Tonight is the Easter Vigil and this is happening across the U.S. and all around the globe. Catholics returning Home and those entering Holy Mother Church for the first time as converts.

WECOME BACK! WELCOME HOME! WELCOME and please don't roam from Rome again, even if it's hard sometimes to 'find your place.' We love you and the Church needs you. We are grateful, delighted and profoundly happy that you're here with us, and all the Holy Saints in Heaven! They've all just thrown a big party with all the angels for your Homecoming! Please find help, encouragement, support for yourselves here, and on all the other wonderful, informative blogs out there. We're a BIG family, but we're all in the same boat, that's crossed the Tiber. We'll share our joys and struggles with you, as you share yours with us, and together, let us be the "cleansing tide" of Tradition and Orthodoxy, washing away the gobbledygook from the misinformed, the misled, by those who misinterpreted VAT. II Documents that so estranged such a large number of the flock. We were misled by thinking we could just "follow our conscience" and by doing that, in the 70's and 80's we probably lost a potential 3 or 4 children that could have been the sisters and or brothers of our two sons. For that, this mother grieves. But God be praised, the NEW JP II generation of Holy Priests is taking up the charge, and "cleaning house" with Papa Benedict XVI...our beloved "BIG BEN."


Come To the Table of Life

The dinner bell rings
The candles are lit

Come to the Table of Life

Supper is ready
The Table is set

Come to the Table of Life

Your Mother is calling
All her daughters and sons

Come to the Table of Life

Receive the Eucharist
Partake with the Saints

Come to the Table of Life

Bread of Heaven is broken
Sacrifice of His love

Come to the Table of Life

True Food and True drink
Given us from above

Come to the Table of Life

Eat of His Body and
Drink of His Blood

Come to the Table of Life

Receive Life within you
And live out this Mass

Come to the Table of Life

Transformed into Jesus
We are called now to serve

Going forth from the Table of Life

© Susie Melkus

Rich and I would love to hear from you. Know you're in our prayers.

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