Thursday, April 05, 2007

“Nana’s Diamond”

Rich wrote this to our sons. He amazes me at how he can write and so say much in just a few insightful paragraphs.Thanks, Honey, for sending this, your heart, to our family.

It seems I’ve been spending a lot of time recently looking for things. Sometimes I even find what I’m looking for: I found Justin’s GM paper and the 500 dollar check I lost to mention a couple Well it got me thinking about when Nana lost the diamond out of her wedding ring at the YMCA. She had been to a swim class and when she got home she discovered that her diamond was missing from her ring. Mom was experienced at looking for things so off she went to the Y to search for the diamond that meant so much to her. We were amazed; imagine looking for a diamond at a swimming pool! Does a needle in a hay stack ring a bell? Anyway her diamond was not that big and it would have been a great excuse to get a better one. But that diamond meant something to her far greater than its net value. With do diligence she was able to find it just inches from being lost in the shower drain. Because of the love that diamond symbolized she worked for hours with a squeegee to find what she had lost.

In a way we are like that diamond in Gods eye. We became separated from the ring with sin and we are misplaced, worthless really. A diamond is nothing but a rock unless it belongs to someone. If we don’t belong to God we aren’t much different the any other rock. But we aren’t a worthless rock; we belong to God because he bought us with his death on the cross. Now He is just like Nana, looking and looking for us, before we disappear down the drain. All we need to do is glitter a little bit and God will pick us up and put us back where we belong. That’s what we do during lent and especially during Holy Week we go before God and glitter.

A diamond is never lovelier than when it is set by a jeweler into a beautiful piece of jewelry. So too if we allow ourselves to be set by God we will shine like the jewel we were created to be. That’s my prayer this Easter week that we all go before God and glitter just a little bit. I know God will pick us up and show us how to shine.

Happy Easter …… He is Risen!

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