Thursday, April 26, 2007

How do you measure love?

The way we measure love is how we treat our enemies...not how we treat those who love us and are 'easy to love.' Dorothy Day said: "We love God [only] as much as [we love] the one we love the least." It's a hard-hitting quote...and gets me to pause and confess that I fail to love God many times a week! When I see someone and 'avoid' them for some reason or other. When I get cut off in traffic, I'm getting better, but sometimes, I still am not very kind in thought and sometimes word!


Tiber Jumper said...

When the anti-Catholics are maligning the Church and the Popes, this is one image they don't put on their websites. They will post the Popes wearing tiaras sitting on their dais, bowing to the blessed Mother but they don't show this. John Paul 2 did JUST WHAT JESUS WOULD DO!

Joyful Catholics said...

You're so right, TJ. I never see this image of our JPII the GREAT on any media sites except GOOD ones! Our son emailed me something a while back (when the uproar in Islam countries and communities was screamed and killings and death threats were made all because of the horrible "cartoon" of Mohammed!) anyway, Justin said something to the effect of: "when Pope John Paul was shot, I bet there was probably some Christian backlash somewhere." So I sent him this photo and said, "Yeah, here's the Christian backlash."