Thursday, April 12, 2007 keeps on going and going....

Happy Easter Thursday!

How I love the liturgical calendar and seasons in the Catholic Church! Easter isn’t over in a day as it used to be for me. Now it’s a 50 days long celebration! HE IS RISEN, RISEN INDEED!

And Divine Mercy, my FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR! It has only become that this year, as I never knew before 2005 what Divine Mercy Sunday and the Chaplet were! Having finished reading the Diary of Sister (St) Faustina in February, I can say that Divine Mercy Sunday should be EVERYONE’S favorite day!

Our loving, giving, magnanimous in mercy FATHER, is pouring out mercy right and left to all corners of the earth for those who will be open and receive this generous gift! Can anyone think that they don’t deserve mercy? Yes, many do think and believe that way. BUT, the good news is here…MERCY IS FLOWING and it’s waiting to be received. NO ONE IS “GOOD ENOUGH” none of us deserve mercy! But yet, our Father is pleased to bruise his Son, pleased with the sacrifice of his Son…for his Son to die on a cross for our redemption! It is foolish of any of us to refuse so great a love and so great a gift as DIVINE MERCY. This Sunday, every Church should be FULL to capacity with the faithful...and the not-so faithful, so they can become truly "faithful." Not 'our righteousness' but HIS...and HIS DIVINE MERCY is what will lead us straight to the Heart of our Father God!

Let us honor our beloved Papa, JP II's memory, and let us join him and all the Saints in Heaven this Sunday and “drink from the flowing fount of Mercy." Let us delight in the grace and mercy that will fill our souls and our hearts when we open ourselves to receive the cleansing “bath” of this glorious fountain, pouring forth from our Savior’s Heart!

Let no one be discouraged!
Let no one run in fear!
Let all come to drink
From the Fountain of LIFE!
Let all run to the Lord
Who is near!
Mercy is flowing toward
All broken hearts,
Wounded souls stumbling
Along on the path…
Just reach out,
Grab the hem of His garment,
To find faith, hope and Love
That will last!

© Susie Melkus

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