Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Holy Family Feast day...

Blessed Holy Family

Jesus, Son of God,
You left glory and throne
And descended to earth
Where you had not a home
A babe at Mary's breast
You fell softly asleep,
Near her Immaculate Heart,
Full of love, pure and deep
St. Joseph did guide you
As you learned at his hand
And growing in stature
You became a man
You loved the world
But the world hated you
Our Lord of Mercy,
Bearing Good News
But love us you did
As you hung on that cross
Forgiving the sins
Committed by us
Breathing your last as
Blessed Mary looked on,
You gave us a Mother
When you gave her to John
Jesus, Mary we love you
Save souls that are lost
St. Joseph, patron of families,
Please pray for us!

susie melkus

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sue!
I am going to "steal it" giving you full credit if u dont mind. God bless,