Saturday, December 23, 2006

CHRIST Mass... how's that for politically incorrect?

what is Christmas about?

These kids got it right...Linus was able to speak about Jesus - during Christmas - on t.v. as children all over the world were watching... before the agonizing PC craziness. Yes, some of those children weren't Christian. Was it really such a grave offense? Was it really a worse world then? Doesn't it seem worse now that every one is so thin-skinned? This is CHRISTMAS not "winter solstice break." Imagine how Linus would have to speak now? Jesus Mary we love you, save the soul of America and the world. Amen. (Not Apeople...AMEN.)

God bless us everyone! May the the Child Jesus keep you all filled with wonder at His treasured gift, the gift of Himself, born a babe in a stable - the Savior of the world.

To all who visited our blog, may you have a Blessed Christmas and a joy-filled New Year.

susie & rich

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