Saturday, July 11, 2009


Write Sen. Johanns and thank him for getting to the bottom of the health care lie being shoved upon us. Here's what is written in a small town paper here in Nebraska.

Johanns denounces abortion provision in health care proposal

Friday, July 10, 2009
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Mike Johanns today issued the following statement regarding a recent provision added to health care legislation. This provision would require health insurance companies to contract their services with community provider clinics, some of which offer abortion services. There is concern that the same requirement would be included in a government-run option funded by taxpayer dollars.

"If this bill's proponents think they can slip-in language that forces insurance companies to fund abortions and still claim to be seeking broad support, they have no idea how strongly some of us feel about the sanctity of life," Johanns said. "The same would hold true for a government-run option that uses taxpayer dollars to fund abortions. Beyond the moral argument, Americans are fed-up with the Administration and majority in Congress promising new laws and programs that will do one thing, while hiding ulterior motives that accomplish something very different. This attempt at social engineering is unacceptable."

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