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Sophia House...

I'm reading Sophia House, by Michael O'Brien now. I'm halfway through it, just passed the play by Pawel Tarnowski. The lead character in the novel writes a play about a character in the novel. I LOVE this! It's like mirrors in a house of mirrors where the images never stop! Gotta read this one, folks! It's fantastic! I've contacted Mr. O'Brien (while reading Fr. Elijah) and hoped he'd contact Steve McEveety about making Fr. Elijah into a Sophia House should be the first one! These are the best novels I've ever read! I'm amazed at how it's like the news, scary, thrilling, frightening, yet exhilirating at the same time. We're going to be alright.

This 'fire' and purification is needed, but it will be very difficult, especially if we don't pray the rosary! I'd say that Mary, Our Life Our Sweetness and Our Hope is indeed OUR HOPE for this time, these days of darkness, and trials, and tribulations and persecutions are going to increase and become even more virulent, the vitriol has already increased, and we're seeing it right before out eyes. For those who have eyes to see, SEE, and be alert, sober and watchful. Those who have ears, HEAR and 'do whatever He tells you!" Mind your MOTHER, Our MOTHER. Hang on her words of direction and instruction, and CLING to that rosary, and the hem of His garment, if you have only that much, HOLD ON! But try to get closer and nearer His Sacred Heart, and that is only through MARY!

The FIRE is consuming and purifying us. The dross will be burned away, but the only way to not be burned with it, is to stand firm, remain IN CHRIST and DO NOT BOW to the spirit of the world, the age of this new "tyrant," RELATIVISM. That will be the portal to the abyss where the fire never ends, and the worm never dies. Hell is real. Mary was sure insistent on the fact when she even showed it to the little children of Fatima. She's warning us still, so if some in your family think you're 'weird' and "too religious" or a "religious freak" or "too Catholic" and "over the top" remind them that you are in GOOD COMPANY...for so was Mary "over the top" to warn of Hell and the cost of ignoring her pleas for prayer and penance. If I'm over the top with my heralding of Truth, to ears that prefer not to hear it, then so be it. I will be so with the Hand of Mary, holding mine.

Peace be with you.

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The face of Our Lady of Czestochowa speaks to Pawel with tenderness, and her icon is in his room and his many rosary to her are a consolation in the cold nights of the bookseller. What's the role of Holy Mary in the drama?

O’Brien: The story of Sophia House occurs in a war zone—a vicious and most evil war. As such it is a metaphor of the war that will last until the end of time. In this cosmic war, the battle waged over each of our souls and for mankind as a whole, God has chosen to give us a “New Eve”, the Woman clothed with the Sun, our Mother. She too suffered as one of us. She is intimately close to us until the end. Her role in assisting the children of God in their pilgrimage toward Paradise is a unique one. In the mysterious plans of divine providence she has been entrusted with graces to give to her children, especially the particular graces we most need at this time of history. But Heaven never forces anything upon us. Love never forces; it invites. The Holy Trinity and all the saints are yearning to pour out for us everything we need, but we must ask. We must ask with child-like hearts. And in this way alone can we truly receive what they desire to give us.

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