Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Man of Sorrows...acquainted with grief

His hair matted with blood flowing from the puncture wounds made by the crown of thorns that had been slammed down upon his head, as they mocked with sneering disdain, spitting on his face, and with hideous laughter they jeered, "here is your Jesus...King of the Jews." While carrying the beam of heavy wood, he turned his head to speak, seeing the women all around him, blinking his eyes that stung with tears mingled with blood, to clear his vision if only a little as he trod this path of sorrow; he opened his mouth, and with as much strength as he could muster, seeing their tear-stained faces, twisting with great anguish, he spoke... in greatest love but with stern warning, he uttered these words: "Do not weep for me, but rather, weep for yourselves and for your children."

I believe Jesus wasn't talking to only 'those women' on the way to Golgatha, but to every woman ever since, and all those before that dark day, who were awaiting resurrection from sheol. He saw what was coming in each age, each revolution made in the spirit of the Anti-christ, where to this day, the evils of fallen man now loom so large, fallen man reaching for power and control, to wipe out religion and the Church. Weeping for our children now, in this tyrannical age of relativism which has stripped the will to "stand for Truth" and absolutes. Over the last few decades in our schools and most sadly in our churches, the evil one has made his impact known and visible by convincing so many that there is no 'absolute truth,' and that 'truth' is whatever "feels right" for any person at any given time. Feelings have perverted reason, and reason and natural law are not ever learned. We need to weep for ourselves, our children and pray and do penance, for this is the "final hour" for us all, satan's making his last frantic sinister sweep across the globe to lure away as many souls as he can. He knows his "hour" is up, and this is a very crucial time for the Church to "get right" and bring back the preaching, boldly, of TRUTH as never She has before. The walls of hell are lined with priests and nuns....pray pray pray!

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