Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sidewalk protest...

I just went with a friend, (thanks Paula, my political pal) to a lunch-hour protest in front of Sen. Ben Nelson's office here in Omaha. We had a great, enthusiastic time, holding signs AGAINST Obama's nationalized health care coming down the pike at us all "full throttle!" My sign got some smiles, but unfortunately I didn' t have my camera, so don't have a picture to share.

My sign read:

I've always liked puns! :)

To my friends in Nebraska, please email, write a letter, or call his office. He needs to know we aren't going to take this lying down! I've had respect for Ben Nelson, and I don't hate the man at all, but he needs to "GO" - as do all the rest - who talk the talk and don't walk the walk when it comes to the really important issues. When he wrote me back about confirming Kathleen Sebelius, that was the last straw for me, the Gov. from Kansas who was most adamant of her support for Tiller, for 'abortion on demand' and partial birth abortions. Yes, Ben,'s time to step down. Supporting Sebelius is where I draw the line, along with a few million others, so with all due respect, your time to GO is NOW! Canadian Care, ObamaCare doesn't fly here in Nebraska...SURELY you KNOW THAT, right?

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