Saturday, July 18, 2009

A comment I left at another blog...

This is the longest comment I've ever written, and admittedly was a lot of fun to write at Madame Evangelista's blog.

Compromising with evil, i.e. partaking of one morsel, one nibble of the "kibble," one exceedingly small and curious bite of "Turkish Delight" - taking a "wee bow" to the idol of the age, and woe! Look out! The "ice queen" cometh! Dressed to kill. Clothed in "freedom of choice" is she, as she glides off to the glittering ballroom at the Culture of Death Hall, on the hallowed world Bank of the River of Blood. The icy grip of her cold, clammy hand, reaching for her dancing partner's, suddenly morphs into 7 sneering demons, screeching in glee as another soul is snatched away to the unending, unquenchable cold fire of hell.

Great post, Madame E.! Thought provoking...yes, even deliciously so, a good way. : ) Love the highway picture, too! How I wish I was on that very road heading toward the mountains to a secluded, clandestine cave! A subterranean sanctuary where holy hermits wait in silent prayer. But alas, I sit here, in Omaha, Nebraska, in a small suburban house, with an empty glass, [time to go to the stores] typing in a com box of someone's blog I'll probably never meet this side of heaven. I need to go read the rest of my book for Book Club, but it's really quite curious how I ended up here. Perhaps "divine design." Or maybe not.

The dome of the sky will soon be ripped open by a bolt of lightning the likes of which we've never seen. The thunder will be the loudest ever to reach our ears, and the white horse, irradiantly aglow against the dark clouds swirling around him, as he charges toward earth's puny inhabitants, will be one sobering, jarring, spectacular sight to behold.

The trumpet will soon blow, though it's not for us to proclaim when it will sound, splitting the heavens asunder. We're not to speculate the hour, but to be sober and alert to the 'season' so we don't fail in our prayers, thus giving the enemy a longer leash and the ability to bite us one last time, taking us down with him. But "watchful" we're to be. What we [Catholic bloggers] seem to all be aware of, at this time, in this wounded, bleeding country, where taking the life of the most tiny and innocent among us is deemed a "right" and been made "legal;" where the blood of 50 million babies cries to heaven from the ground ... we're in for one "helluva bumpy ride!"

Every knee will bow and every tongue confess, Jesus Christ is Lord! I pray for my own soul and that of my family to be in that 'faithful remnant.' I pray to be with those who will bow in and with "holy fear" with joyful praises on our lips, to behold that great Cloud of Witnesses, the Holy Martyrs, Saints and Holy Innocents, descending with the Royal Rider/King, sitting upon that mighty, resplendent white steed; and not found with the others who bowed to the god of this age, the Tyrant of Relativism, falling in despair and then seething in rage, with gnashing of teeth, spewing hateful, loathsome vitriol amid gutteral sounds and deafening screams.

Seeking locum pacis, beside His Sacred Heart,

Prayerie Pal aka: susie

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madame evangelista said...

Yes, it was definitely a comment that deserves its own post :)

God bless x