Wednesday, September 05, 2007

BLOGfast...please don't forget me...okay?

Well, it's done and time to call it a day here at RECONnecting to the Truth. I've pondered this off and on for a while and it seems that it's time to stop blogging. Not sure how long the interim will last. It's up to God. BUT folks, if I were to spend 1/10 the time in front of the Blessed Sacrament at our lovely Adoration chapel that's there for us 24/7 as I do in front of this computer, I might have a glowing face of a saint by now. Not that the "glowing face" is my aim, but you know what I mean.

I've not made a solid commitment to ever give Jesus a Holy Hour during the week, but I've been tapping at this machine constantly at all hours and sometimes it seems frivolous. I've only gone to Adore my Lord when "it fits my schedule" which ends up being "not very often" if at all. It's time for me to 'leave what I love" for something and SOMEONE more demanding of my love. He's calling me to come away with Him. My Heavenly Husband is calling me, and I must go to Him. I'm going to find this so dang hard, extremely hard, but I've got to offer up the pain for the poor souls and the souls of our holy priests. If I don't get back to blogging, it was a fun ride. If I do...see ya later.

Please don't give up on me. Email me, okay TJ? I'll be e-mailing as usual, but this blogging stuff has got to cease. It's only because it's ONE THING I can suffer and offer to God that is really going to hurt. I don't watch t.v. I don't dance, I don't bar hop, I don't putter in the yard, nothing like that. But I DO NEED to read more. I just can't blog and read nearly as much as I long to, and the Saints are waiting for me. A whole world beyond the veil of my beloved BIG bros and sisters is waiting for me. I need to learn from them. I need to read the present day anointed writers who can steer me in the best direction.

God bless all of you. Thanks to all of you for coming by and do keep me in prayer. I'll need it. This is going to be very hard. But it's something I MUST do for the LOVER of my soul. It's for the best for me and my soul. Believe me, it already hurts. I'm reading Story of a Soul right now, and I know St. Therese and I have so much to learn about each other. She has much to say to me, and I have much to learn from her. This is killing me. This has been the most amazing creative outlet for me, but if I can't give this up for Jesus, then I'm only kidding myself about giving up anything else for Him, I have to be brutally honest. It's almost become another thing to have 'angst' about and that's not a good thing.

Just last week, I never thought I'd be typing this but God has a way of shaking one loose from EVERYTHING, and it's called ABANDONMENT. Read Story of a Soul and you'll know what I mean. Who knows, maybe after a week I'll be given the leeway to come back, or maybe I won't but I have to be obedient to my Lord, not my 'wants' and my will. Maybe, God willing I can post something only once a week or every 2 weeks or once a month. I'll have to seek God about this. I can't quit forever, and I think He understands that plea from my heart, but this daily habit is one that has to go, straight to His feet and I need to rise up and go wherever else He wants me to go.

God be with all of you.



Cradle Catholic said...

God Bless you! I understand your desire/need to spend more time with our Precious Lord! I will miss your posts! God Bless you!


Chris said...

I just found you! But Kudos to you for obeying the call of the Lover of your soul. I know you will be blessed as you spend more time in His presence!

Joyful Catholics said...

Thanks so much for finding me. I'll pray to be back to blogging, as God wills, but not daily. I hope you'll check in from time to time and I'll visit your blog and those of my friends now and then. know we'll be seeing each other, and talking on the phone and the LIVE chat on CHNIforums. Thanks for your comments, "lil' daughter." : )

dobrodoc said...

I can't believe this!
I spent yesterday in front of the tabernacle praying and had the feeling I need to quit blogging and spend more time praying and living the Christian life. We are literally on the same page again.
We will stay in touch, thanks for being our mid-west counterpart.
Prayers for you and Richard.

Joyful Catholics said...

TJ...that boggles my bloggin' mind! How does that happen??

I think the Holy Spirit is definitely doing something big in the hearts of the faithful. I KNOW I need to just bask in his glory before the tabernacle and let Him LOVE me, there's where He can transform me into the person He desires me to be. It can't be done sitting at this machine with the monitor's glow, I need to reflect HIM and as much fun as it is, blogging has become a real distraction and actually more of a hindrance. I'll pray for you and PD, and your sons, too, TJ.

PEACE bro...

Hidden One said...

I just ever-so-recently gave up MY creative outlet/lifeline because of the writings of St. John of the Cross. (Specifically, the first part of Ascent.)

If someone drops excessive blogging due to Teresa of Avila, I might just conclude that someone on Carmel has a special aversion to excessive blogging. (Then again, one of the recently-installed patron saints of that blog is the Little Flower...)

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Hidden One...thanks for stopping and commenting. It is indeed intriguing. St John of the Cross...Teresa of the Little Flower prompting me. Hmm. "Something's up" 'up there'. It's the "shove of the Dove" I can't ignore.

This came from "Chris" @ "Longing for Home" Thanks so much Chris. I certainly know how you feel. Our Evangelical friends are VERY quiet. No animosity either, but just QUIET. Only want to talk "fluff" now and nothing deeper. Oh well...I am praying for them. I only have 2 firends from our former church that are still in contact with me. Mostly through email, so I send them things and blogs and such to read. Not many comments, but at least they're not saying "stop.?"

Bless you, Chris and do check in from time to time.


CHRIS writes:

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I found yours searching with the words "catholic convert".

My dh and I are also converts--Easter Vigil 2005. I grew up in a Christian Reformed church (along the lines of reformer John Calvin), but attended a non-denominational evangelical church for the 15 years of my life previous to that, 12 with dh. Our boys were baptized then, also, at ages 7 and 5.

My dh was baptized catholic as a baby, but never attended church or went through any sort of catechesis at all.

My family, generations back on both sides, are all protestant. I was reading about your apostolate and think it's really cool! Too bad you are so far away. We don't have much contact from our evangelical friends any more--no animosity, they just aren't quite sure what to do, I think, when we can answer their questions.

My mom thinks I've fallen off the path. My brother is a Presbyterian pastor. The rest of my family just doesn't talk to me about it. Oh well.

I'll pray for you and be checking in occasionally at your blog to see if you've been given the go-ahead to blog again!