Sunday, September 30, 2007

My precious big Sister, St Therese....and RECON news!

Therese as a novice.

" She mentions her own patience humorously. During meditation in the choir, one of the sisters continually fidgeted with her rosary, until Therese was perspiring with irritation. At last, "instead of trying not to hear it, which was impossible, I set myself to listen as though it had been some delightful music, and my meditation, which was not the 'prayer of quiet,' passed in offering this music to our Lord."

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, Virgin.
Celebration of Feast Day is October 1.

Visit here
to learn more about my lovely big sis, St. Therese.
there are countless websites dedicated and devoted to this Doctor of the Church.

She is powerful in heaven as a prayer partner. Ask her intercession and you will be amazed, and delighted with her many miracles, small to large. She is definitely spending her Heaven doing good on the earth!

May a shower of roses or a single rose, from anyone, or anywhere brighten your day today. Be looking, she will never disappoint.

Peace of Christ.
Remain blessed,
and in God's generous grace,


RECON started one year ago!
On St. Therese's feast day ~ may

Our next RECON meeting is next Sunday... October 7 5:30 - 7:30 Hope y'all can come!
We will enjoy our guest speaker, Shirley Dunlap from St. Robert Bellarmine (our wonderful parish.) Shirley was away from the Catholic Church for 50 (yes FIFTY) years! Come hear her story of reversion and enjoy fellowship and prayers and refreshments with others, who like Shirley, have found their way back HOME IN ROME! Those of us, who longed for community, and the Church Jesus established, with hearts hungry for Truth will find another dear soul who is cheerfully giving of her time to share her story! PLEASE tell your friends and bring a friend to hear Shirley's story... and I hope to....


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