Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ragamuffin Memory....

Oct. 21, 1955 - Sept. 19, 1997

Ragamuffin Memory

He walked onto the stage
Of an Omaha church
In faded blue jeans
And an old flannel shirt
His smile lit the place as
He said "hello"
I was glad to be there
That night for the show
What I heard next
I'd been longing to find
A word of grace spoken
He was one-of-a-kind
Heaven's angels were singing
Through this one lone voice
And I knew Someone Higher
Played a part in my choice
To go hear a singer I didn't know
Yet I was glad to be there
That night for the show
As a dulcimer chimed
And the music grew loud
A holy hush filled the room
And grace touched the crowd
I knew then that this was
More than a show
And I'll always thank God
Who allowed me to go
To hear you sing
From God's heart, Rich,

And this much I know
You showed Jesus to us
You didn't "put on a show"

© susie melkus
Dedicated to the "ragamuffin memory" of
Richard Wayne Mullins

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