Wednesday, September 05, 2007

He kissed the Cross at the end...

This is an essay by Mike Aquilina on Jack Kerouac. I'm not a scholar of the 'Beat generation" writers as is my brother. I found this essay by Mike Aquilina compelling. I sent it to my brother, who's "into" JK and others. It seems, or at least I pray, that he [Jack] did kiss that Cross, that he did indeed find peace for his deeply disturbed and troubled soul. I pray he did kiss that crucifix at the end of his life, and that God finally did reveal to Jack His Holy Face. I hope Jack received the divine mercy and grace of God at his death. God rest your soul, Jack.

And to you my reader(s) please say a prayer for my beloved brother. It seems he's traveling the same path as so many of these men, these 'beat guys' did. The peace he seeks and those like him quite obviously isn't found in the bottle, or the drugs or the promiscuous sex. Peace is only found in, by and through the Prince of Peace. I pray that he and others on that broad highway that so allures all of us, and seems to grasp more tightly to some, will see the Catholic Churches on the side of the road and go in and find Life, Peace, and Hope for their troubled, disturbed souls. Life's too short to wander "fall in love with only the search" and keep refusing to receive God's magnanimous grace. We must let ourselves be found (in humility) by the Searcher of our hearts and souls, for He made us and knows us by name and by heart and loves us with a passion beyond our wildest dreams.


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