Friday, September 07, 2007


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BY THE WAY...this would be a GREAT Christmas gift for anyone who loves photography. Please consider purchasing one or two. You'll be helping Catholic Charities of Youngstown Ohio, and other good services in the community. Also, helping to fund the Father Kevin Memorial Chapel would be a wonderful thing for us all to do. He did much for so many, this is the least we can do for a holy man and a holy priest forever. PLEASE READ POST and info BELOW...Thanks everyone. God bless.

Father we love you and Father Kevin, pray for us.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

He was a talented man.
I saw some of the series he did with Dr Ray Guarendi which was very good.
I am so glad God allowed him that opportunity before he died.
I listen to Dr Ray a lot and I realise the loss of Fr Kevin is a great loss indeed.

God bless

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi WSNS...thanks for stopping by and commenting. I was hoping to see at least one drop in and glad you did. Yes, Fr. Kevin was brilliant and what a love to Truth. I know why he's the Patron saint of RECON! He was known for many things but mostly the many souls he brought into the the Church.

As you listen to Dr. Ray, and when you hear "susie from Omaha" that would be moi he's referring to as I call the program fairly regularly. Doc's been a good friend the past 2.5 years. I enjoy sending him emails for him to plagiarize and also bumper music he seems to get a kick out of, also. It's a joy for me to do, and I always look forward to hearing from him when he finds a moment.

Please pray that Kris McGregor of KVSS Spirit Morning Show will be able to do an interview with Ray Fete, (Fr. Kevin's brother) and me to talk about this fabulous book, preferably before Christmas to sell some books for the Catholic Charities of Youngstown, Ohio diocese and the Father Kevin Memorial Chapel in Canton. I love to talk about him, he's my "go to Saint" in my starting line up and I know he's just beyond the veil interceding for as many if not more souls now as he did here on earth.

Thanks again.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I will pray.
I emailed Dr Ray recently and he asked me to phone-but the show goes live here at 6pm when the house is full of children with listening ears.
I must re-email him.

I will keep you in my prayers too of course.
God bless

Joyful Catholics said...

Bless you and thank you.