Monday, May 25, 2009

We went here for a pilgrimage this past weekend...

These aren't our photos, but our camera broke in a "bad hand-off" inside St. George Catholic Church in Hermann after visiting the Shrine. We did get pictures of this but don't have them in the computer as of yet. I recommend this Shrine to all! It was just so calm, serene, lovely Spring day with soft breeze whispering through the trees like the 'breath of God' upon our souls, weary and wilted of late. (mine at least)

I would love to live in Hermann or near the Shrine. It was truly just beautiful! Once I get back into shape (well, another 'shape' besides the "well -rounded" one I'm currently in) I'd love to go back and hike. If you enjoy biking, this is the "place" for you!

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