Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something's not settling right in my gut after reading this...
But then, I'm just a right-wing, hate mongering extremist
for admitting my thoughts in this blog that I find this article a little disturbing
to say the least...
Oh well.
You don't have to read this.
Like the liberals always say,
"turn off the tube"
"change channels"
"change stations"
So, go elsewhere if this blog offends your most esteemed sublime oft touted so-called
We know that the leftists are so morally superior to everyone else
on the planet.
They arrogantly spew that constantly.
"We have the moral high ground" I've heard them chant,
while wanting desperately to destroy and silence those who
simply disagree with them.
Does the name "Rush Limbaugh" ring a bell?
They're only "inclusive" when it suits their
left-wing, radical, hateful and hatefilled agenda for all things
traditional and or conservative
either in the secular world or the religious.
So be it.
Now, go find another blog to read.

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