Monday, May 25, 2009

From today's Moment With Mary...

This ought to sober one who may be lost in the lure and trap and deadly net of "pleasure seeking."

Recite the Salve Regina and Meditate on Death Every Day

"Father, I'd like to straighten out my life. But the temptations are too strong, much stronger than my own self."

Saint Philip Neri looked at this young man of good will and softly encouraged him: "Be brave, my child. I recommend to you only two practices: recite the Salve Regina and meditate on death every day. Imagine that your body is buried deep in the ground, half decomposed, both eyes hollowed out, and eaten up by worms. Then ask yourself this question: Is this the reason why I'm chasing after the pleasures of the flesh and wasting my chance to go to Heaven?"

Obeying the priest's double-barreled advice, the young man prayed to the Blessed Virgin of mercy, hope and life, and meditated on death each and every day. With the help of God's grace, he succeeded in fighting off his temptations till the very end.

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