Friday, May 29, 2009

Fridays with Mary...

This morning, it is a glorious day, the breeze gently blowing throug my window, across my head, is fragrant with Spring and the sounds of birdsongs, chirping merrily. It's my Friday with Mary, the day I've come to love and appreciate so much. My Blessed Mother is my "life, my sweetness and my hope."

I came across this medal on EBay. I decided to join EBay and hope to purchase this medal of Our Lady of Einsiedeln.

I'd heard of her, and I think posted about this sometime last year? I can't remember right now when, but I became intrigued by this image, and read further about her, the origin of the "Black Madonna and Child Jesus." Now I know why my heart is drawn to this image, she is also known as Our Lady of the Hermits. Those of you who know me know that I have a "hermit heart!" : )

My friend Sarah and I are going to Blue Cloud Abbey in South Dakota in a couple of weeks to spend two days in "hermitage cabins" there for a retreat. (yes, I even liked Herman's Hermits as a girl but that's neither here nor there now)

Please read more about Our Lady and this dear, holy man St. Meinrad, who was beaten to death in his hermitage in the 9th century. St. Meinrad, pray for us! Pray for me to be a "good and holy daughter" of Our Lady. Pray that this pilgrimage that Sarah and I make will be most efficacious for our souls, and to offer up any discomforts, physical, or emotional that we may be going through or experiencing during that weekend, for the conversion of sinners, for the Poor Souls and for Our Lady's priest sons.

As I heard more about Fr. Cutie this a.m. on FOX News, that he's leaving the Catholic Church to become an Episcopal priest, it broke my heart. I'm sure Our Lady's heart is broken, too. This June becomes the Year of the Priest, so I pray for all of them, that they'd remain true to their vows and for the strength they need to do so, and that more than anything else, they would have a deep, and most firm devotion to Our Mother, their Holy Mother Mary. They need her more than ever now, in this time of apostacy of the elect!

I offer up my pain, discomfort, and the sadness I've experienced of the past 3 weeks for the deeper conversion of the hearts and souls of your priests, dearest Mother. I pray that the Sacred Heart of Jesus, beating for them, would have mercy on their souls, and that your Precious Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart would draw them to you, to your bosom for your motherly graces to give them strength, courage, fortitude, and perseverence! We need our priests! Without them, we've no Eucharist or Confession or other sacraments, and the Evil One is not playing "Tiddly Winks" with their souls. He's devouring them! He is after every priest and they need our prayers and fasting! Forgive me when I've become lax in my prayers for these men of God. Please help me to remain faithful in prayer for them all. Blessed Mother, protect them from the wolves that are in the Church, and pray for us to be ever vigilant in our prayers for the priests who are so faithful, that they'll fight the enemy diligently, as he seeks to devour the souls of their brothers and us all! Amen.

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