Friday, March 27, 2009

Abortion pushed in the UN way....

We wonder why the world is going to hell in a hand-basket? We've only to look at ourselves, and see that putting economy our wallets, our agendas, our "rights," our wants above the unborn children is a grave, mortal sin. Let's call it what it is. SIN. When 54% of voting Catholics voted FOR a culture of death, well, what do we expect but hell? If those Catholics had been obedient (to obey is better than sacrifice) to the Church and her authority, we'd might be given more time, but now with the world going to hell, we'd better cling to Mary, repent of our sins of greed and materialism run amok, and turn to Our Lady, Our Mother, Our ONLY HOPE. I read this and want to weep. I'm afraid for our young who are now starting their lives, marrying and giving in marriage...grandchildren who'll be 'thrown to the wolves' in school, even Catholic schools, which many are just Catholic in name only. If those many Catholics had voted for LIFE, above the wallet, we'd be seeing a brighter future. But now, I thank God that this is the 'reality check' for many. Our consciences need to be 'violently shaken' as Mark Mallett said in a recent post. This is what the WORLD wants, this summit, this global meeting on 'population and development' is what citizens of the world want. CITIZENS OF HEAVEN, as WE ARE can NOT want this!!!

for yourselves and your children as Jesus told the women on his way to be crucified. Weep, repent of our sins, and pray pray pray, and don't ignore our Lady's warnings. We have for too long. GOD HAVE MERCY on us!

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