Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who knew? First in the world...

And I never knew this. I also wasn't a practicing Catholic during the years of 1987 -1991 when we lived in Clovis CA. (near Fresno) We went out to Fresno in 2007 and went to see her shrine, but it was closed. We walked the grounds and visited the grotto/rose garden. Very interesting for those who love St. Therese ...and who could not?

The embedded link I originally had isn't available anymore, it was Bakersfield something or other. On the above link, go to line (date) 1919 you'll see that the Shrine in Fresno is the FIRST in the world dedicated to St. Therese. Here's more.

I find that quite curious...Fresno is so far away from France...and not the most popular of cities in the state of California. It's a good city, and we did like it there, as it had a more "Omaha" feel to it, being more agricultural and smaller. The Fresno/Clovis area is really quite nice and so close to the mountains. I think St. Therese has been following me for years, and I'm just now seeing the part she's played, at least in my mind, in bringing us back to the Church Jesus built upon Peter. Thank you, St. Therese. Please pray for me to never be separated from Jesus or His Church ever again. Amen.

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