Monday, March 02, 2009

The Mother of all weapons is the weapon of the Mother...

The Weapon

In the middle of the night I reach for the "weapon"
a pretty strand of blue multi-faceted glass beads that
tinkle in the dark like fairy bells above the covers and
hoping that my prayers will ascend to that maternal ear,
always and ever bent to hear her daughter's humble pleas,
I begin to pray the rosary for those who are not in a soft
bed like I am with a loved one so near and snoring
I pray for widows and widowers in lonely beds now
too large, too empty, too cold without their soulmates
as their tears, common nighttime visitors, dampen the
pillow they hold and squeeze and pull even closer
the pillow that used to cradle the head of the one
they can no longer stroke and kiss goodnight
I pray for those who are crying in a prison cell
or in a hospital room, deathly sick and afraid to die
for the homeless man in an alley shivering uncontrollably
as the wind blows icy cold through a jacket too thin
to offer even the slightest warmth on such a night
I pray for peace in the world to the Queen of Peace
I pray for the healing of so many broken hearts
shattered by selfishness, lust, war and greed
I pray for that prodigal son or daughter to make peace
with their God and return to the love of their parents
leaving the stinking "pigsty of sin" far behind them
I pray for an end to the horrific holocaust of the unborn
I pray for an end to this culture of death, and the laws
imposed on us by its architects, and for this administration
that seems "hell-bent" to promote death at all costs
I pray for the illumination of consciences of our politicians
and for those also in the Church who've been so blinded
as to believe the murder of babies is "ok" with the Church
I pray for respect to flourish where it's been so diminished
respect for the sacredness of life, for others' religions and
even for those without religion who are so vocifierous of late
I pray for these 'new atheists' to at least respect those that
try to live their religion the best they can, though we all fail
as fallen, weak, frail humans so many times do,
isn't that why we ALL need a Savior?
I pray for the dying as they breathe their last breath
reaching out to the extended Arm of Divine Mercy
that has been reaching out to them for their whole life
as they near the finish line of the long, grueling race
finally breaking through the veil, rent by their faith
and the blessed gift of "final perseverence" amid the
joyous sound of cheering Saints and "allelujahs"
ringing from Angel choirs as far as the eye can see
I pray that one day we'll all behold our Blessed Mother
as she leads us to the Lord of Love, running to meet us
like the father of the prodigal son in the beloved fable
when pressing each child close to His Sacred Heart the eternal
embrace of Love will begin and happiness that knows no end

susie melkus

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