Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sparrow at the Window....

Yesterday Rich and I went to pray all four mysteries of the Rosary at the abortuary in Bellevue, NE. with Fr. Weslin. Then we had Mass for the aborted and about to be aborted babies of that day. It is a very moving 2 + hours. The people drive in, with the young woman in the car....and we name the baby and pray for him/her, and the mother and father. Fr. Weslin has been doing this since the early days of Roe vs. Wade. Just before praying the Sorrowful mysteries, I looked up at the hideous building where these murders take place, and noticed the sparrows chirping and flying around, and one sparrow was at the window busily flapping its wings and chirping loudly. It was there, at the window for a pretty long time, but not long enough for me to get a photo. I will go ahead and photoshop one tomorrow when I return from Norfolk, NE.

It was as if this little bird was "pleading" with the young women, and girls in that waiting room: "Don't kill your babies!" It was a profound moment for me. Nobody else noticed it that I know of. I told Rich about it on the way home. For our God knows of every sparrow who falls to the ground, how much more valuable are these little humans, these helpless little ones that are taken to their deaths by their very own mothers!!. These poor young women and teens are being coerced and forced by their husbands/boyfriends/even parents to do this...and it was as if this sparrow, this tiny creature, knew what was happening and crying out to them to leave and give their babies life.

Maybe I "read into it?" I am sometimes prone to do that. Maybe that's the poet heart in me? There were two larger black birds, perhaps Starlings, on the other side of the building that seemed not to care at all what was around. They were busy preening and rubbing their beaks on the edge of the roof. The contrast seemed actually "evil" to me. I know that the blackbirds mentioned in the bible are usually an omen or evil sign... it was just one of those surreal moments in time. The sparrows were busy fluttering about, maybe mating or finding nesting places. Not being knowledgeable about the ways of birds, maybe this is too early in the year for that? However, Spring is just around the corner, so maybe I'm correct. Anyway, the difference was like night and day and it was eerie, yet hopeful. The air of death hanging around that place still showed that life is near.

I'll post some pictures of the grotesque and hideous abortion mill and the incredible difference between it and "A WOMAN'S TOUCH" pregnancy counseling center a block up the street. Understand that this is on MISSION street in Bellevue NE and St. Mary's Catholic Church is across the street. Yes, Our Mother has a MISSION - we all do! Our Lady of Guadalupe is there always to pray for these lost souls and with us for the dying and the dead, whether walking or lying in a bloody pool, torn to pieces, at the hand of a "doctor" no longer caring about a Hippocratic oath as much as money and this "business." Please pray for the little ones and today especially for Portugal!

Peace of Christ to all,

Sparrow At the Window

while praying yesterday, for babies bound to die
I noticed a tiny sparrow, chirping as if to cry,
"Please don't kill your babies!" while flapping
frantically its wings
"Give them life and let them live...for they have
songs to sing"
This sparrow who will only live, a short while on
this earth,
seemed to know and seemed to pray
for these mothers to give birth
to the little babes inside them, who God's called
and knows by name,
This little sparrow at the window, chirping
at the window pane
is heard by God as we are, and our prayers
are not in vain.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

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