Saturday, February 03, 2007

Something about Mary...

Mary was chosen by God the Father,
espoused to the Holy Spirit,
and carried within her the presence of God in the flesh.
No other human being knew God so well
or was as close to God as Mary.
Not even Moses.
If you contemplate that,
then ANYTHING the church believes about Mary
is small potatoes and easy to embrace. (Pam Williams)

Thank you Pam. So well put in just those few brilliant sentences.

I can't believe it took me almost 50 years to give Our Lady, Our Blessed Mother, the credit due her, as the MOTHER OF GOD. Jesus as the 2nd Person in the Trinity, became Man, did he not? He entered into humanity by being born to save us, because he "so loved the world." He was born a baby in a stable, by natural means. Mary, bore him, and nursed the Savior at her breast. Jesus is "God with us." Jesus had a Mother. Many say we're his brothers and sisters as "children of God" so doesn't that make Mary our Mother, too? Of course it does. UNLESS, one is prejudiced and anti-Catholic, it most certainly means she is our Mother, too. It makes so much sense...but I guess it's the 'it's so simple, that's why it's so hard to understand' conundrum.


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