Saturday, February 17, 2007

Church is Alive and Young....

As I read the following prayer, of our beloved Papa, Benedict XVI it reminds me that Our Lady of Trust (feast day tomorrow) is ever with us, drawing us to her side, so that she can "clean us up" to meet our Lord, Her Son, Jesus. You know how it is with Mothers, they are busy cleaning us if we've tarried too long at play, wiping the smudges off our faces, sometimes with nothing more than a tissue and their own saliva. Mary no doubt had to do that to her own Son from time to time on their way somewhere. Now we, her spiritual sons and daughters, are always in need of a cleansing touch from our Mother aren't we? I love to go to Her now, especially before Mass, asking her to pray for me that "I may be made worthy of the precious promises of Christ." She is so "present" and is ever ready to "dab my face and my heart" not with saliva but with the graces only a Mother such as she, the Mother of God, could give. I also trust in Our Lady of Trust, as she says to me, "Trust my Child, Trust my Son."

This is a lovely prayer by our Papa. I can hardly wait to get to Roma and see him in person! I would covet all of your prayers for our safe travels and this upcoming pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi. Since it's a Marian pilgrimage, that my relationship with my Blessed Mother, Mary, will grow more intimate so that I may grow more intimate with my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you all. I will pray for all of you there at the Vatican during Mass and Audience.


Pope Says Church Is "Alive and Young"
Composes Marian Prayer for Italy's Youth

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 16, 2007 ( The Church is alive and full of youth, Benedict XVI said when presenting a prayer he composed for the young people of Italy.

The Holy Father recited his composition Wednesday when meeting in St. Peter's Basilica with bishops of the Marche region in Italy, on the occasion of their five-yearly visit.

The prelates were accompanied by pilgrims of the dioceses in the region, many of them young people. When the youths applauded the Pope, he responded: "We see that the Church is alive and young!"

The Holy Father then invited young people to a meeting Sept. 1-2, in Loreto, where Italy's national Marian shrine is located.

"We will see you in Las Marcas, in Loreto," Benedict XVI said as he bid them farewell.

Here is a translation of the prayer the Holy Father composed.

* * *

Mary, Mother of the "Yes," you have listened to Jesus,
And know the tone of his voice and the beating of his heart.
Morning Star, speak to us of him,
And tell us about your way following him on the path of faith.

Mary, who lived with Jesus in Nazareth,
Etch your sentiments in our lives,
Your docility, your listening silence,
And make the Word flourish in genuinely free choices.

Mary, speak to us of Jesus, so that the freshness of our faith,
Shines in our eyes and warms the heart of those who are with us,
As you did on visiting Elizabeth,
Who in old age rejoiced with you for the gift of life.

Mary, Virgin of the "Magnificat,"
Help us to take joy to the world and, as at Cana,
Lead every youth, committed to the service of brothers,
To do only what Jesus says.

Mary, look upon the agora [gathering] of youth,
So that it will be fertile terrain of the Italian Church.
Pray that Jesus, dead and risen, is reborn in us,
And transforms us into a night full of light, full of him.

Mary, Virgin of Loreto, Gate of Heaven,
Help us to raise our eyes.
We want to see Jesus, to speak with him,
And to proclaim his love to all.

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