Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sacramental Eyes...

sacramental eyes are needed
to see Christ in the priest
who sits across from me and
hears my confession and who
then absolves me of my sins

sacramental eyes are needed
to see that the wine and bread
are no longer wine and bread
but the very body, blood, soul
and divinity of Christ

sacramental eyes see that when
all hope is gone, all hope is
only a breath away - escaping in
an urgent gasp of a prayer that
only God the Father understands.

sacramental eyes are the eyes of
faith that see hope and find love
in the most obscure places and in
the worst of trials or sufferings
because the Eyes of Christ saw first

susie melkus

1 comment:

Tiber Jumper said...

Thank the Lord in His kindness for taking the scales from our eyes so we can now have "sacramental eyes"

So late in our lives no less~
Thanks for the post and the prayers.