Thursday, April 02, 2009

This is well worth a listen...

Spot on!

What is so powerful toward the latter part of the interview, is the description Rush gives on "LIFE"...and his 'conception' of an analogy that threw the pro-aborts into a panic. I'd never heard it explained this way, and I can only say "DITTO"'s really a brilliant 'bit' and THANK YOU, RUSH for standing up for the unborn babies, citizens of America being expunged from any and all rights,now more than ever under a regime that is brutally against 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' except of course for their sorry, miserable, narcissist entourage. Wonder if they'll ever require electric limos to haul their sorry behinds around the country? That's you "Hollywood" and you, D.C. and yes, you, Pres. Obama. You point that finger toward the American people telling us how much we need to sacrifice, and that finger is dripping with INNOCENT blood! God have mercy! I really mean it. I pray for your hard heart and all those in congress and senators who're still scheming under the cover of darkness and in broad daylight how to make abortions more plentious! It's a downright outrage and despicable and horrific to think that our own government can 'suck the life of a baby' from the womb and yap their clap trap about how WE are supposed to sacrifice for the Common good! You don't know the meaning of GOOD, sir. Until you change your heart, and stop the murder of innocent babies who have every single right to be born, you have not any power over me and will not ever control me!

GIVE ME LIBERTY that GOD GAVE ME - keep your 'hope' and 'change!!'

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