Wednesday, April 01, 2009

God rest your precious, priestly soul...

I never knew him. I never met him. But next month, I'll be meeting his mother and family. I learned of his passing in 2006 from Dr. Ray Guarendi. I started to pray to him right away after receiving that e-mail message. I felt a presence and "assistance" at so many times and still do. I had never prayed to anyone like that before. Things just happened. Good things. Life changing things. I began to pray the rosary and walk around the lake with Father and asked his help and intercession often, daily really, for many situations and for his mother, especially. We've shared many conversations on the phone the pasy 1.5 years and I'm looking forward to meeting her and hearing more about her priest son. Mothers of priests are special and she's special to me. He's powerful and he's waiting to hear from you, too. As I wrote at (found at Catholic Exchange) shortly after returning home from Rome in 2007, "He's only changed pulpits."

Now his brothers, Ray and Jim, have created a beautiful website to honor their brother, Father Kevin Fete. God rest your soul and bring peace, comfort and joy to your family while separated by the 'veil.' One day, I pray we'll all be together in heaven, thanking the Lord together, and thanking you in person, Father, for all you've done so far in my life, for my family, and friends.

As Father Kevin was known to say, "Don't make the minimum requirement your maximum responsibility."

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