Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lovely Easter Triduum!

We returned home from Dallas yesterday, getting home about 10:30 p.m. We had a long day of travel, but so worth the time! Taking the byways is our 'FUN' and we saw some gorgeous country, rolling hills, lovely sunset across the Kansas prairie and some beautiful Catholic Churches dotting the country also. It makes travelling so joyous to come upon these tall and holy spires seen in the distance. Most of them are open, though sadly some are locked these days. We visit Jesus all over the midwest and it makes for a nice spot to offer up quick prayers for traveling and as in most of these churches, there's always a restroom that's impeccably clean and adds to the 'welcoming' of the find in all ways human and spiritual! : ) I'll post a few pics later. Much to do from our week away from our home. We welcomed our son, Justin at Saturday Easter vigil at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dallas. It's been quite a journey, and now he begins to discover all the richness and vast wonders of the Church, her history, her Saints and Our Blessed Mother!

We also had a joyous reunion with our friend, Sarah Park, postulant at School Sisters of St. Francis in Panhandle, Texas. We arrived there last Wed. afternoon,the 8th, and were welcomed most warmly by all the Sisters. They accomodated Rich and I and our little "Tigger" there for the night. We took Sarah out for her favorite Ialian angel hair pasta dinner at Corinos in Amarillo. Before dinner, we got to see the Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere on I-40 at Groom, Texas! Impressive and powerful display of large sculptures of the Stations of the Cross. We enjoyed our visit with her and the Sisters and do hope to go back sometime when we can stay a little longer! It's a beautiful convent and newly renovated chapel.

I hope you all had a glorious Easter Triduum. Isn't it great that it still goes on for 7 more days!!?!! I LOVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, because no Holy Season is rushed, but celebrated in all it's glory and fullness! Thank you all for our prayers! We so appreciate them and you!

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