Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Prayers requested...

Hi fellow bloggers and friends hither and yon~

Please keep us in prayer as we travel to Texas later this afternoon. We will be on the road to Kansas, stay the night and on to Panhandle to visit my friend, Sarah, who's a postulant at the School Sisters of St. Francis in Panhandle. Then to Amarillo on Thurs. a.m. and then to Windhorst to see the oldest German Catholic Church in Texas, and the shrine to Our Lady of the Highway, hwy 281. I never knew she existed but found her on line. Gotta love the internet, eh? :D Then we head into Dallas, where we'll stay with our son Justin, who's just moved into his new digs. He will be confirmed, and receive his first Holy Communion Saturday night at Easter Vigil!! We are so happy, so blessed that God has heard our prayers for our oldest son. We never raised our boys in the faith, though we did have them both baptized. I know Our Blessed Mother is caring for them both, and leading them as they are receptive, into full communion with the Church. We are grateful, and will be overjoyed, no doubt, this Easter, more than ever! :D

Thank you all for your prayers and support.




Tiber Jumper said...

Happy Easter!

Joyful Days said...

Coming in late. Prayers that it was a blessed trip. What a beautiful Vigil you must have had!!