Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Way of Peace...

The way of Peace
Leads me
Toward the altar of God
With head bent and
Hands folded in prayer
I humbly pray,
"Holy Spirit, please
Cleanse my heart to
Prepare for Him
A clean dwelling"
There before me is
His priest son,
Caressing in
his anointed hands...

The Eucharist

"Body of Christ."
I open my mouth
There, on my tongue, is placed
The Bread of Angels
Slowly I walk back to my place
Among the faithful,
Inside my heart, I pray...
"May I be made worthy of
The promises of Christ.
And as I am able, Lord,
May I help others join me,
To walk this path...
The way of Peace."

susie melkus

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