Sunday, December 07, 2008

Is Mary more important to Catholics than Jesus?...

How to answer an Evangelical or other Protestants and maybe even a Catholic about our devotion to Mary.

Even the Angel of the Lord, Gabriel, said "Hail, Full of Grace." He didn't even say "Mary." He called Mary, "Full of Grace." Was the Angel of the Lord a bit "too devoted?" Was he too "Catholic?" If one is "full of grace" pray tell, where is the sin in such a one? To be FULL of grace, is to be WITHOUT sin. Only a pure golden vessel, the Ark, could carry God's Law in the Old Testament. Should it not be the same when He, the Son of God came to us in the flesh, as a Baby, in the New Testament? Do you still have a problem with Catholics’ devotion to Mary? Are Catholics wrong to call her "sinless?" Then ask your Lord, Jesus... He seems to be just as devoted to her in Heaven as He was on earth. So much so that He made Her Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Universe for Jesus is King of Kings is He not? No wife of a king is ever queen only a King's Mother is Queen. Is our devotion to Mary starting to make sense? If not, then take your argument up with Jesus... maybe He can crack open the hard "anti Catholic" shell of your heart so to let the Light of Christ in to reveal His purest love and honorable devotion that He has for his Mother. A love and devotion all Christians should have for HIS Momma. She is your Momma, too. If you love your own mom, and honor her as Jesus commands us to "honor our father and mother" then give Mary at the very least as much honor as you give your own mother...for Mary brought you Christ, your Savior. That's the PURE vessel Jesus chose to dwell in for nine months. Her womb was the most pure, for HE "saved her from sin" when He made His Mother SINLESS. That is why Mary called her Son "my Savior." She's at least worth an audible "thank you" from your lips once a year for giving you Jesus. I love the mothers of my friends. When I love the mother of my friend, it in no way "subtracts" from my love and devotion to my friend. One could say it even enhances our friendship. So, why not love the Mother of my Lord? And why not even perhaps tell her that I love her from time to time? Your relationship with Jesus will only expand when you include His Mother. Make Jesus smile today and tell Him you love His Mom. And then, if only in a whisper, tell Mary you love her, too. The LOVE of God will be shed abroad in your heart like NEVER before!

No Mary

No Jesus

Know Mary

Know Jesus


Owen said...

I love this: No Mary. No Jesus.
Know Mary. Know Jesus.

Yes, sadly we do need to explain this to even some Catholics.

P.S. luminous-miseries is back. I know but it is. The art blog continues as well.

mcriot said...

A female with wings, on your Mary picture.. there are no females with wings in the bible, it is satanic.

And also, if God needed to send his son he would have found another way... dont put your life in Marys hands, she is "just" a man.

Bless you.