Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yeah, "Who the heck is advising McCain?"...

I was just taking a swim around in the blogpool, enjoying a nice Sunday splash, when I came across this brilliant post, over here. Thanks, Oso! This says it all about the current political ego stew we're forced to swallow this election year. It's worth a read. Good stuff, Oso.

Btw, I can see wearing Paul McCartney on a shirt, or Pope BXVI, but Rod Parsley??? Yipes! That is scawy....vewy, vewy scawy.


A Simple Sinner said...

I have only recently come to understand that Columbus' own "Rod-man" is a national phenom. I met him once when I waited on him locally at a restaraunt. Slightly needy but an good tipper (exact 20% - he knows how to double a tithe! which is good, Jesus gets 10%, ASimpleSinner gets 20).

I am amazed at the undeserving sycophantic praise this man gets from those he surrounds himself with. The Pope himself should get such swooning.

Joyful Catholics said... are so very right! Glad you got yer 20%.

I say, "Spare us the Rod." wink wink