Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baby Jesus smiled...

Sister Mary Dawicyzk and me
in the Chapel of the Hermitage of St Mary, Genoa WI.
This statue of Baby Jesus is from Fatima. Sr. Mary says he "smiles all the time." When she picked him up, asking me if I wanted to hold him, she said "Look! Did you see that? He smiled!" And it is true. The lips curled very fast in a more definite smile than the one he always is wearing. It was fast, but I saw it. She saw it and sees him do this often. She has Mass at the Chapel every last Saturday of the month. Sr. Mary is always ready for new retreatants, so if you hunger for a place to find serenity for your soul, please give her a call. I hope to return some day and help her do some things at the hermitage when I will have a longer time. I hope Rich and I can visit her, or some of my "girl friends" and I can take a road trip and make a retreat there and offer her some assistance in whatever way we can.
You can reach Sr. Mary at: 608.689.2753

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