Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thank you Marie and Ginny...

Emmanuel Award

I was honored by my friends 'down under' with this award and ask you to please visit their blog and say "hi" and "Merry CHRISTmas!" That's right folks CHRISTmass is the MEANING of Christmas. Not tinsel and mistletoe and a gazillion toys and packages under a tree. Let's let Christ be center of HIS BIRTHDAY, okay? Don't be so driven this year by the consumerism and materialism that we are bombarded with for the next few weeks. Let us enjoy Advent and the coming of Christ into our hearts and our homes and our relationships. Let gratitude reign instead of "get me" "buy me" "return me for another size, color, or something else." Go to Adoration as often as possible this Advent and let Jesus love you, hold you and change you into the person He died to help you become and let the True Star of Bethlehem, the Bright Morning Star shine in your hearts throughout the entire holiday, (HOLYday) and more and more the coming year.

PAX to all my Catholic bloggin' pals,


Tiber Jumper said...

Yes, and also let's not forget the Mass in Christmass for all our believing brothers and sisters. Christmass was named after the idea of celebrating Mass on Christ's birthday! How bout that?

Marie said...


This is what uplifts me to see so many folks understand that Christmas is about GIVING and not so much about receiving. It is about loving and not 'getting'.

It is about being generous with ourselves, with our time and with our love.

God bless you hon:)