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I just had to post this....YAY MARY and Elisabeth Elliot . . .

And at least you (Elisabeth) are open and gracious to us Catholic Christians and by the way, I love your brother, Thomas Howard...Lead Kindly Light. This article is old, but check out the caustic barbs being thrown around in certain fundamentalist Baptist circles. I guess 'they're' the Right and True church??? This really is so very sad. No wonder the lost in the world laugh at us (all of us) Christians.... God have mercy, Lord have mercy. ~ susie


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September 14, 1997 (David W. Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061-0368, -- The following information was sent to us by a reader in Wisconsin --

"On September 6, 1997, at the Waukesha, Wisconsin Expo Center Elisabeth Elliot spoke before a large gathering of multi-denominational individuals. The meeting was sponsored by WVCY radio out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"A few questions were directed to Mrs. Elliot that confirmed her compromise within the apostasy of New Evangelicalism.

"Question: ‘Can a person be Catholic and Christian in union?’

"Mrs. Elliot: ‘Yes, we can have unity in diversity; my brother is a Catholic and a Christian.’

"Question: ‘Then is it acceptable to celebrate the [Catholic] Eucharist?’

"Mrs. Elliot: ‘Yes.’

"Question: ‘Of Mary, 'queen of heaven'?’

"Mrs. Elliot: ‘Excuse me, time will not allow me to expound on these questions.’

"Mrs. Elliot moves on to the next in line.

"How very amazing that the general church masses have little idea how some have been deceived, given over to false doctrine, and even blinded to the pure gospel which we've been given so clearly.

"What is of further amazement is that a Christian radio station (WVCY America), which barks loud about separation, is so prone to air a gamut of such compromising teachers. They dropped the M&M Clinic program and wrestle with James Dobson, yet choose not to address the programming of figures such as Swindoll, Elliot, etc. They are even aware of the error of New Evangelicalism but choose not to obey the truth. Be it for gain or ignorance, the dross bears greater witness than the gold with such as these" (Steve Straub, Sept. 8, 1997, Waukesha, Wisconsin).


Elisabeth Elliot is the wife of martyred missionary Jim Elliot. We have no doubt that she is a gracious woman, and it is commendable that she served for many years on a very difficult mission field. Further, she has taken a commendable stand against the attempts of some to accommodate the feminist movement to the Bible. In her book The Mark of a Man she rejects the attempts by the modern feminists to rewrite the Bible to suit their so-called "feminist theology." Regardless of the many good things which could be said about Mrs. Elliot, though, she is a committed ecumenist. She regularly joins hands with such recognized anti-separatists as Billy Graham, Luis Palau, John Stott, James Dobson, and Haddon Robinson (an editor of Christianity Today). All of these men are openly opposed to Fundamentalism and biblical separation.

Mrs. Elliot spoke at the 1995 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention in February, together with Luis Palau and Billy Graham. There is not a more religiously confused hodgepodge anywhere than the NRB. In 1994 the NRB awarded its Milestone Award to The Voice of Prophecy, a Seventh-day Adventist television program!

In July 1989, Mrs. Elliot spoke at the Roman Catholic Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, a hotbed of Roman Catholic-Charismatic enthusiasm. Each year the Franciscan University holds a conference to exalt the blasphemous Catholic dogmas that Mary is the immaculately conceived Queen of Heaven and advocate of God's people. (I can only add here: ...."Oh brother!")

We have been exceedingly saddened in recent years to see that Mrs. Elliot and other New Evangelical compromisers have been invited to speak in various (alleged) fundamental Baptist forums. For example, she was the featured speaker at the Joyful Woman Jubilee in October 1994. This is sponsored by The Joyful Woman magazine, the editor of which is Joy Rice Martin, a daughter of the late independent Baptist evangelist John R. Rice (founder of The Sword of the Lord publication). Two other Rice daughters, Jessie Sandberg and Joanna Rice, are contributing editors, and yet another of Rice daughters, Elizabeth Rice Handford, is the editorial consultant. Mrs. Hanford is the wife of Pastor Walt Handford, Southside Baptist Church, Greenville, South Carolina. Note the following description of this well-known independent Baptist church by Calvary Contender Editor Jerry Huffman: "Southside Baptist Church has long been on a toboggan slide to New Evangelicalism. This has been evident in the speakers, the associations, and the CCM (contemporary Christian music). The 11/94 Southsider mentions a new 'seeker service' to be taught by Pastor Handford and Don Preston. Preston was recently licensed by Southside, and is 'full-time with Campus Crusade for Christ.' Campus Crusade is headed by Bill Bright and is very ecumenical and pro-Catholic/charismatic"(Calvary Contender, Jan. 1, 1995).

The Joyful Woman magazine has shown a fearful lack of discernment toward ecclesiastical compromise in recent years. The May-June 1994, issue of The Joyful Woman featured James Dobson and his wife, Shirley, on the front cover. The July-August 1991, issue contained a full-page ad for Campus Crusade's Here's Life Publishers, including the offer of a book entitled Freeing Your Mind from Memories That Bind. The Jan.-Feb. 1992, issue of The Joyful Woman contained a full page ad for the radically ecumenical World Vision, as well as an advertisement for the New International Version. World Vision works closely with the Roman Catholic Church in many parts of the world.

To invite committed ecumenists to speak to fundamental Baptists clouds the issues between truth and error. It would be no different from inviting Billy Graham to speak. The same reasons which forbid us to participate in ecumenical evangelism forbid us to invite ecumenists to our pulpits. Those who participate in such things tend to become weakened in their convictions and confused as to the seriousness of ecclesiastical and doctrinal compromise. The walls of biblical separation are being broken down, and the next generation will reap the crop of this error.

Some slanderously label this "second degree" separation, but that is a misnomer. Think about it. God commands that His people mark those who cause divisions contrary to the doctrine which we have received (Rom. 16:17). Mrs. Elliot and other New Evangelicals REFUSE to obey the Word of God. They refuse to separate from heretics. They join hands with Romanists and Modernists. When someone challenges them, as happened during the question and answer session in Wisconsin, they ignore or dodge the hard questions. Their compromise is open and willful. What is left for Bible-believing people to do but to refuse to have such people in our churches? This is not "second degree" separation; it is biblical separation. It is also wisdom. To rub shoulders with rebellion is to learn rebellion. The carnality of the Corinthians was evident in their sympathetic, broadminded view of heresy (2 Cor. 11:1-4). God warns that a little leaven leavens the whole lump, and evil communications corrupt good manners (Gal. 5:9; 1 Cor. 15:33). The fulfillment of this is evident in the lives of people like Elisabeth Elliot who refuse to practice biblical separation. They become more spiritually blind with each passing year.

Further, Mrs. Elliot is a life-long Episcopalian. It is a strange thing for Baptists to invite an Episcopalian to speak at their conferences.

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