Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fall in love with Jesus... 'go meet Him' when He calls you...

I've been to our Adoration Chapel every day except one this past week. It has been something that words fall short of being able to express, although this poem to my Beloved Jesus came to me Monday night, as I had the opportunity to be alone with Him for a while, before other adorers came. I'm glad others are faithfully coming to our new and beautiful chapel. BUT, I must say, I love to be there alone with Jesus. However, we can be alone with Him even if many are around, for He's got that "way about Him" doesn't He? He's the Lover of your soul, too, so when He says, "Come away, my beloved" or when you hear that Voice calling you, like a lover who's wanting to be with you, "go"........for how can you refuse such a Love as His? I've never experienced what I've been experiencing the past week, ever before. Don't put off going to sit with Him. Don't. Don't take a book, and don't even open your mouth. You know how it is when you're with your with the one you love, you don't always need words. I was asked by Jesus to 'come and not petition, not pray the rosary, not read a prayer book, but just 'be with Him.' Do it. It will "rock your world!" It will change you. I'm still a clay-footed sinner, but I know my Lover only wants me to "be with Him" and let his light and grace fill me's better than a gourmet dinner with the best of wine. Well, what are you waiting for? Get off your bums and let Jesus hold you and gaze at His face and rest against His chest and listen to His Sacred's beating just for you, you know.

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Adoration Rendezvous

with the Lover of my soul

I want to meet You in the chapel

I’ll be there ‘round eight o’clock

I need to meet You in the chapel

And I don’t even want to talk

All I want You to do is hold me

And wipe the tears from my face

To let Your tender love enfold me

And rest in Your warm embrace

All I want to do is listen

To the sound of Your heart beat

As Your mercy divine surrounds me

Lord, I love to listen to You breathe

Alone with You in blessed silence

I light a candle and say a prayer

Then You fill me with such a sweetness

To which nothing can compare

Oh I’ll meet You in the chapel

I’ll be there ‘round eight o’clock

And hear You softly whisper,

“Shh, darlin’…you don’t need to talk”

Susie Melkus



Marie said...

how very beautiful. Thankyou:).

I hope you dont mind if I add your lovely blog to our blog roll at 'View from the Pews'?

Thanking you in advance:)


Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Marie,

I just went to your lovely blog, and you are most welcome to add mine to your list. I am humbled by your asking and by your kind and encouraging words. Bless you.

Thank you and come by again. I don't blog daily anymore,but rather sporadically. I will also add your blog to my list of blogs.


Marie said...


many thanks for your kind words:). I just wrote about a very brave young girl who stole the heart of a nation. I hope you'll read it and be inspired. Her name is Sophie.

God bless you:)