Sunday, March 18, 2007

What God Has United....

March 18 - Our Lady of Ajaccio (Corsica)

What God has United, Human Beings Must not Divide

Jesus said to His apostles, “So then, what God has united, human beings must not divide.”

There are two creatures whose holiness is of an order completely apart, having completely different bonds with the Holy Trinity: the first one is the Mother of God, and next to her, Saint Joseph.

All creatures are sanctified as a continuation of the Incarnation. Mary and Joseph also received the redeeming effects of the Incarnation; but God initially intended them to be related to Him, each one in his or her own manner, for the very realization of the Incarnation.

Of course, we all owe God for Jesus, but after God, we owe Mary and Joseph.

From Canon D.-J. Lallement, Mystery of the Paternity of Saint Joseph - Tequi 1986

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