Monday, March 05, 2007

Notre Dame

I love the Church!

Learn about gargoyles. These carved beings are not giving "glory" to the enemy, but making sure that the child of God retains the knowledge that dark forces are intent and "hell bent" to devour a follower of Christ. We don't stand and tremble like cowards, however. We have God's Church to protect us, if we obey what commandments God has given us. If we rebel, or choose not to obey, there will be consequences, just look at the world...don't tell me evil doesn't exist! BUT happy and safe is the man who's trust is in the Lord, and who keeps all of His commandments. Not as in "under an Authoritarian bully's thumb" but to keep us safe and secure and able to withstand the trials, temptations and tactics by an intrepid, stealthy, crafty, cunning enemy. You bet they're all around and it's very wise to have images to remind us. It's pretty sad that so many folks "threw the baby out with the bathwater" hundreds of years ago when they suspected statues and images to be idols of the Catholic Church. What about these many fellowships and places of worship without any images at all? Many of them are losing their flocks. Where will they all be in 2000 years?

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