Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weeping tears of blood.

There are many witnesses to these miracles worldwide. Here's a CBS video from outside of Sacramento, CA. in Sacrament. Yes, the town where the atheist, Michael Newdow resides. I wonder if he's succeeded in renaming the town? I wax sarcastic but some things call for a bit of sarcasm now and then. To what would Mr. Newdow attribute this particular sign and wonder outside of his city? Would these folks all be liars? If so, why would they lie and be held to such ridicule? He can't contribute it to the devil, since he probably doesn't believe in a Evil being either. Hard to believe in an evil entity if it can't be "seen and proven" although read a newspaper, or watch any amount of any type of t.v. and it's most evident there's evil.

So...let me get this straight, one can look at the stars on a velvet sky, drive to the Rockies and gaze at a majestic mountain range kissing the clouds, and see a baby's hand curl around and cling to his mother's finger and arrogantly pronounce with defiant certainty "There is no God!" Wow! What kind of incredible LACK of LOGIC and LACK of CLEAR thinking does it take to contrive such a world view? I guess it's the result of a heart grown hard and stony. I'm just as perceptible to that type of heart, and that's why we must pray for souls such as Mike. To be so embittered is hard to fathom. To force that embittered attitude on others cloaked as an "activist" is very sad indeed. For he cannot take his next breath except BY THE MERCY AND GRACE OF GOD, and neither can I. One prays to stay close to that Mercy and one seems to run from it. It's a mystery, but I hope and pray he'll find the true Way back Home.

That being said, I assure you, I'm not one to chase after every sign and wonder out there, as I'm actually a very skeptical person when it comes to "miracles" reported. However, a trusted friend gave me the book: The Sorrow, The Sacrifice, and the Triumph by Thomas W. Petrisko (the president of the Pittsburgh Center for Peace and editor of the newspaper Our Lady, Queen of Peace.) written about the apparitions, visions and prophecies of Christina Gallagher. I'm not "endorsing" it here, as I've not yet read it, but I believe Our Lady does grieve for her lost and frightened, rebellious and ignorant children.

If our Lord Jesus sweat great drops of blood in his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, then I believe Our Blessed Mother could indeed be so grieved at the events in this world - the killing of babies inside their own mother's wombs, wars, euthanasia and the loss of any and all respect for the sanctity of life could certainly cause tears of blood to fall from Her eyes. For we are not, in our puny finite minds, able to grasp the depth of grief, or comprehend what the Mother of God, the Mother of us all, could feel as her heart breaks for her children - lost, confused, dazed and hell-bent to reject grace and mercy extended to them every minute by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ...her Son. Divine Mercy is for all at all times while their is breath in our lungs. It is we who must choose Christ, for He has chosen us from the beginning. Our Lady of Trust, help us to trust in God's mercy, and pray for us! Amen.


Danny Garland Jr. said...

Thank you for your kind words about my conversion story! It truly is a blessing to be Home!
I read your blog whenever I can! Keep up the wonderful work and witness to Jesus Christ and Holy Mother Church!

God Bless,

Under the Poetree said...

Thanks, Danny. I love the bloggers giving glory to God all over the internet, making the large Catholic Church a "smaller" interconnected family...It's all because of our beloved Papa, JPII and the New Evangelization and his constant prayers before the Father and Our Lady for all of us here to get and remain "on fire" and to stir up the coals that have about gone out in others... J.P. II the GREAT!