Friday, September 22, 2006

A sweet fragrance to our Lord...

This is me, before my Lord. I bring something dirty, i.e. my heart, and something not too well put together. He accepts my gift in that private place where my confession is heard. He changes and transforms my "offering" into a jar of sweet perfumed ointment, that I in turn, receive from Him. Then I can't keep it to myself. I can't contain that blessed joy, so I must break the jar open and give back to Him all this pleasing fragrance! This costly nard. This aroma far more pleasing than anything ever enjoyed on earth concocted in a laboratory. My hands, now worthy to touch his body, having been cleansed by his mercy and absolved of my sins, take that ointment and caress his feet, just as Mary Magdalene did. Then inevitably, tears fall. Tears of joy. This gift of mercy so sweet- this forgiveness so magnanimous, can only continue to break the "jar of my heart" daily. I must share this good news with others! Even if they despise the aroma and the fragrance is abhorrent to them. For there are some who prefer darkness to light and their own stench, to a beautiful permeating scent, as difficult as that is for me to comprehend!

Grace. Transforming grace. Abundant grace. Offered to all, but not accepted by all! But for me, by a most mysterious grace, I've longed for it all of my life. It is the most vivid representation of my Lord's unending mercy and solace. Nestled near his Sacred Heart, is this sweet, fragrant repose for my sin-sick soul the most penetrating. The most overwhelming. Where is this place, this garden of grace, where One Fragrance unites us? A little room in God's House. There, face to face, heart to heart with Him alone, speaking to me through his anointed priest. What a lovely 'circle of life' ... Come and see. Come and taste the beauty of this Sacrament called Reconciliation. Let the jar of your heart be broken and your "dirt offering" be transformed. Let it be made a sweet and pleasing aroma to Our God who waits for you with bated breath. Waiting to breathe Life into you! The Lover of your soul awaits you in that secret room. Then go to Adore Him in His Sanctuary, where He IS ever present for us all, there in the Blessed Sacrament. Be still and know His heart beats for no other than you. How can you linger any longer? For He says to you "Come away with me, my beloved. Let me wash you and shower you with grace and clothe you in resplendent garments, whiter than snow." .... "Come...come and adore Me and let me adore you." "You are the apple of my eye, my Bride." ~ susie

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