Sunday, September 03, 2006

RECON Inaugural meeting scheduled!

RECON will have it's inaugural meeting on Sunday, October 1, 2006. And every FIRST SUNDAY of the month. We will gather at the Holy Family Shrine (I-80 Exit 432) from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise posted, so check back or email us to be updated. If any of you are interested in bringing something to eat, please feel free to bring something for yourself. This won't be a a pot-luck meeting, per se, as we have no idea how many will be coming. We want our first meeting to be simple and fun with nobody feeling obligated to bring any food items. We can certainly have potluck dinners/lunches down the road, however. We hope this is a time that will work for everyone, but realize that it won't work for everyone. We thought that Sundays would be best with all that goes on during the weeknights and Saturdays in this football season/school functions, etc. It will be early enough to still get home in time to be with your family. Being once a month, this shouldn't stretch anyone too far, but if there are any of us who'd like to get together in between our monthly meetings, we can certainly do so. Flexibility is key. We realize it's the dinner hour, so that's why you're free to bring something to eat if you so desire. The HFS is lovely, and peaceful. We hope to see all of you that we have visited with on the phone and in person and will have a wonderful time of prayer with our Lord Jesus in his prairie tabernacle, to offer up our petitions and our praise for a much needed group such as RECON. All glory and honor belong to our Lord. May Mary's mantle be ever over and around us as we seek to grow in our faith, in our love and in our service to the Lord and one another. Please spread the word to all who might be interested in meeting other reverts and converts for support, fellowship and a good time! AMEN! See you there! Posted by Picasa

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