Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Donut Man gets a "dunked" in the Tiber...

Watching the interview on The Journey Home last night with Rob Evans, The Donut Man, was just like a sugar high...only more nutritious and longer lasting! He's home, and we are too, and who knew the missing piece would be found on the other side of the river Tiber? If you're still wondering, and curious about his journey and why so many are taking the Tiber plunge, check out his story here. http://www.lateforsupper.com

Donut Sundays are back! Meet your fellow Catholics in your parish afer Mass for a bit o "sweet fellowship" and a hot cuppa. We need to build family and friendships and pray for our seperated brethren to come back Home and be in unity with the Church Jesus instituted to keep us safe and ONE with HIM.

See ya on the other side! Coffee and donuts anyone?


Tiber Jumper said...

We need to get the young Catholic families to see and hear Rob Evans and Lord willing, he will have more opportunities than ever before to present a timeless message with a new focus, the sacraments of Jesus Church!

Joyful Catholics said...

Amen T.J.! I hope he can come to Omaha sometime...and I pray that I'll have grandchildren to take to see him! Please pray for that also. Thanks!