Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Only Catholics in Heaven!


Joyful Catholic said...

Before some of you have complete "kneejerk" reactions to this, LISTEN, and listen carefully. Michael is right. There is only ONE CHURCH, and that is the Church Jesus built. There will NOT be divisions among us in heaven. That would be IMPOSSIBLE. So why do so many insist that 'division' even among Christians is "ok" here???? S'plain it to me "Lucy!" Have a great day, and remember like my hubby says, Purgatory is where Protestants go to become Catholics! HEY, easy now...all in good fun...b/c it's true. Hee hee. :D

Anonymous said...

That's why I've heard people ask when a person dies, "Were they Catholic?", others would respond, "if they weren't they are now." It all makes sense. Love this show.I read it every day, every day, every day.

Joyful Catholic said...

Yes, so true, Paula. I remember before I was Catholic, and entered Bergen Mercy to have surgery in 2000, I put on the registration form in the "Religion" box, "Christian" ... now I look back and think, "Gee, that was dumb! How can saying/writing I'm a "Christian" mean anything these days?

I stuggled with that earlier in my "non-denom" Christian life, too, when it came to filling out 'Religion' on other forms. Somehow, I thought myself "above" writing a 'faith' persuasion. It was more "Christian" (in my head) to put simply "Christian" but that is NOT WJWD!

He built not only "a church" but HIS CHURCH, on Peter. Yet somehow, in 1974 I thought it was just a spiritual bunch of "bible believers" that made up "the church." As long as we believed the "Basics" we were the "church."


If I would have not survived the surgery or had their been complications, and if my hubby, for whatever reason could not be reached or one of my sons, how on earth would they have found my Pastor?? "Christian" is just too vague these days!

Anyone can and many do call themselves Christian, but as Jesus said, "Many will say to me "Lord, Lord..." but they will enter the Kingdom, "for they..." He says, "do not know Me." What will happen to them? They will be thrown, cast out into outer darkness. Sobering stuff!!

Kind of makes one WANT TO BE CATHOLIC, even if not out of the PUREST of LOVE and utmost understanding, then at least out of a real "respect" and fear of Hell...because even THAT will save one's soul, if they persevere in the Faith - to the end.

But how many just 'roll along' with the flow and status quo and never consider being "PART" of a REAL coporal body? They say they don't "need a church" to pray in or to 'be a Christian.'

THe Church Jesus built is not just "spiritual and nebulous crowd of believers" but REAL, PHYSICAL and VISIBLE coporal body WITH a "Pope" and a Magisterium! Jesus became Man to be "with us" and show us the way to the Father! So taking on "flesh" is IMPORTANT! Otherwise, He could have just sent the Spirit to the earth to 'speak and lead us!"

He knows we as humans NEED BOTH the physical as much as the spiritual if we're to grow in holiness and become Saints, because only Saints make it into Heaven! Spiritual and physical entities both work TOGETHER! Our bodies will be "raised" one day, and so they must be important to Him, as well they should be to us! (though they should not be made into 'idols' like so many do today by either total neglect of their health or being so vain they make exercise an idol.) Moderation!

The body HOUSES the soul, and is the temple of the Holy Spirit,but should not be 'pampered.' That beign said it also is not just a mere 'nothing' or a 'pile of dung' w/ snow on it! Or just an "old tent" w/ no purpose after this life! That we will be raised, body and soul into the Kingdom of Heaven means that we need both a physical and spiritual Church to guide us and teach us ALL TRUTH!

Kind of ranted didn't I? But, hey, it's my blog ["party,"] and I can rant if I want to...right? HA HA :D

Thanks for commenting! God bless you and stay IN HIS HEART by remaining IN HIS CHURCH...for SHE IS HIS BRIDE and THEY ARE ONE!

Joyful Catholic said...

I made a 'big' error in my comment above where I typed: ...but as Jesus said, "Many will say to me "Lord, Lord..." but they will enter the Kingdom,

I 'meant' to type "they will NOT enter the Kingdom."

There are probably a few typos elsewhere, but that was the 'biggest' one that needed a correction! God bless.