Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Leona Choy ...

Crosses the TIBER to become a Catholic. She was near 80 when she decided she had to enter the Catholic Church. And I would like to say, "Welcome Home, Leona!" I was 49 when I made the 'splash' and find that no matter how "late" we are in 'coming to Supper', He is always there, waiting, with a candle always lit. Leona writes about her life-long faith walk in her new book: My Journey to the Land of More


Sharon said...

Leona Choy can be heard giving her conversion story on The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi. Ms Choy's story is programme 186.

Joyful Catholic said...

Thanks, Sharon, for coming by and for the link. God bless.

Joyful Catholic said...

To "Anonymous" who recently commented. I'm sorry I could not publish your comment. The reason being I don't agree w/ that brand of 'theology' but I appreciate your 'effort' as I'm sure you're motive is to 'save' this 'poor Catholic.'

While I commend your efforts in sending that website, it is *NOT* Catholic Doctrine or what the Church built by Christ teaches and therefore not 'Fully true.'

I was saved at baptism, but yes, I have sinned since. Through the Church Jesus built,with all 7 Sacraments and adhering to the Word of God, Sacred Tradition and Magisterium, I am *being saved* now, and I *hope* to be saved at the end of my life. Because NONE OF US KNOWS the heart, not even our own, which can be so misguided and so easily led astray by every wind of 'doctrine.'

There is ONE Church. (not thousands)One faith. (not many) One Baptism. One Bread. One Body.

God bless.