Monday, July 26, 2010

1 Corinthians 3:4 We Are Told...

explicitly NOT TO FOLLOW Apollos or this or that guy. But when there's NO FINAL AUTHORITY, how easy it is to simply 'start yer darn church' by golly! This is a very sad thing...I see NO UNITY in this approach at all. This is surely NOT living out John 17!! Lord have mercy on us. Mother Mary, Mother of mercy, pray for us sinners now, for we all have gone astray, each following his or her "own way." House Churches are now on the rise. Truly the Protestant/Evangelical world is 'breaking up' and splitting apart at a phenomenal rate... it's like a 'cancer' metastasizing ... out of control. Pray for the 'unity of all Christians' at Mass as often as you can, because this is as I said above, very sad. It's not about "US!" It's about CHRIST and HIS CHURCH. Come back HOME to HIS CHURCH and don't wander in the tall weeds any more. Tall weeds obscure the view...and hide the edge of very steep, high cliffs!

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