Thursday, June 24, 2010

To Go Deep In History ...

Is to find yourself at the 'threshold' of the Catholic Church. What are you going to do? Enter or turn away? You have to decide, because to "go deep in history is to cease to be Protestant." - John Henry Newman

And to cease to be an "Independent" Evangelical/Fundamentalist/Pentecostal/Agnostic/Atheist, and whatever else you are, too.

Jesus and His Church are one, and are joined in the most deeply profoundly spiritual/physical way. Jesus had a Body on earth. His Body of believers also has a "Body" to be in Communion with and to be guided by into all Truth. That "Body" that Physical Presence on Earth, globally, is the Catholic Church. She is the Pillar and Foundation of all Truth. The 'Bible" is not. The Bible wouldn't be here without first the Church, in her wisdom and w/ Sacred Tradtion, to 'put the books together' and give us the Bible.


Believe it or not.

Truth is truth and is not subjective to our own whims or what 'we make it to be.'

Truth is a PERSON. Truth built His Church that has stood for over 2000 years. He's NEVER left her to 'go off the rails.' It might be time for you to love Jesus enough to ask Him what and where His Church is, and come back Home, where you should be. The red flickering flame near the Tabernacle is always there, letting you know He's there, too, and waiting for you to just come Home. You might have left the Church to 'find Jesus' elswhere and now you're wandering in a sea of doubt, or you might have never been Catholic but have believed lies about the Catholic Church and faith for years, turning from her in disgust.

Whatever your past has been doesn't matter. Make your present NEW and your future secure by coming Home and remaining in His grace, INSIDE the "Bark of Peter" because the storm that is coming will toss you more than ever. Jesus built a Church for us to be safe in, not for us to change her, but for her to change us! Come Home Soon! The clouds are gathering and the rumbling of thunder is growing louder, the skies darker, and sin abounds, but even more, His grace abounds! Don't let another day go by as you wobble on the fence of the "I'm Ok, You're Ok Corral." Either the Catholic Church is what it claims to be, or it is not. But if she is the TRUE Church, as she claims, then where you are is not. Period. Now, where do you want to be?

Dr. David Anders discusses (here) his search for Truth, and his finding of Him, and HIS CHURCH.

Here is another interview you can watch. Well, you can't really watch "him" but you can hear him talking to Marcus Grodi.

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