Sunday, June 13, 2010

Catholic Homilies...

Homilies for the most part are not long. Most are a few minutes, maybe up to 10-25, but most of them are about 1-2-5 minutes. I've remember more from a one minute homily than by long winded preachers. Nothing against 'wordy' preachers, but ... but 'too many words' "spoil the stew."

A few tasty ingredients are good, but too many ingredients, no matter how great the ingredients are individually, such diverse flavors can make a stew taste horrible to any palate. Too many words every week can be hard to digest. The Eucharist, however, is JESUS, the ONE AND ONLY "Ingredient" needed, our Daily Bread! One can never get too much of ... See MoreHim! Even MINUS a homily, as in "no homily at all," there's always the Bread of LIFE, given to us by His priest, who in 'persona Christi' gives us True Food and True Drink. His Body and His Blood.

"If you eat My Flesh and drink My Blood you will have LIFE within you!" Words to LIVE BY, spoken by Jesus Himself, not a mere man in a fine Italian suit ... with or w/out a nice head of hair, white teeth and a big, big bible!

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